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What's Her Deal?


Is she one of those educated types?

Yup.  She has her BFA in Theater, a BA in Mass Communications, and a UCB Improv grad, as well as constantly doing workshops and working on her craft.

Where have I seen her? 

Meiyee Apple Tam is a professional TV, film, stage, and voiceover actor based in Los Angeles. A comedic and dramatic actor, Meiyee has appeared on Netflix, AMC, CBS, ABC, and NBC shows, and over 20 national commercials and print campaigns.

She's also voiced many campaigns that you may have heard on the radio and streaming like Spotify, Amazon, and SiriusXM. She's also the voice you hear when enjoying a Dole Whip at the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland.

What else has she done other than act?

Prior to her current Los Angeles actor life, she was a national radio DJ and a news reporter/producer on Sirius XM and KISS FM.

Is she cool?

Yeah, dude.  Meiyee is incredibly cool. That is a fact.

Anything else?

Meiyee is good with regional American and English dialects. You want Bostonian, Texan, Georgian, Californian, New Yorker, Philadelphian, Chicagoan, or Hawaiian? She's got you. You want Northern English or British Broadcaster, she can do that, too.  Her English speaking French and Eastern European/Russian accents are also fun. 

She also has an unhealthy obsession with karaoke and dogs (They are better than humans, right?). 

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